Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

For our team this is not only a statement on sustainability, it is a report of the values we represent. It is a milestone that outlines our efforts to incorporate sustainability into all aspects of our hotel operations, thus redefining the tourism and shaping the future at the Albatros Spa Resort Hotel, a local, three-generation family business, with more than 35 years of operation, we have develop and establish a deep relationship of devotion with the society, its people and the nature. The following paragraphs illustrate the way we live up to our responsibilities to the them.


With the support of our team members, partners and collaborators, we believe that we can ameliorate both our services and the experience of our guests, whilst simultaneously contributing to the invigoration of our hotel locales, including helping the wider community. Our goals are:


To improve your experience

Recycling has always been an integral part of our environmental awareness. Furthermore, we encourage our guests to support recycling, energy and water saving practices. Our guests, whose desire is to support our water and energy saving efforts, could be detailed informed from our members or the environmental handout in their rooms, while recycling bins have been installed around the hotel.

We, the Albatros team, are determined to offer you, our guests, an authentic experience by introducing you into the Cretan culture and tradition. Our desire is through the provided activities our guests to become member of the cultural identity and culinary heritage of Crete.  A few initiatives undertaken include:

  • Serving a Greek-inspired breakfast
  • Serving Cretan traditional cuisine in our daily dinner buffet
  • Offering a Greek / Cretan inspired menu in Daphne Gourmet restaurant
  • Hosting a Cretan dance show on a weekly basis
  • Organizing free Greek cooking lessons for our guests on a weekly basis
  • Organizing with local producers free wine tasting in Prova wine bar

Albatros Spa Resort Hotel also works to safeguard our guests’ basic human rights. One key focus includes respecting the privacy of our clients by ensuring the safe storage, sensitive handling of any personal data and guaranteeing that our hotels are discrimination-free. In addition, we strive to deliver respectful marketing that is mindful and inclusive by aiming to embrace and encompass a range of styles, attitudes and ethnic backgrounds, forgoing any one limited so-called ideal.

To enrich our relationship with the local community, and to protect the environment

Our respect for the environment and the sense of responsibility we harbor towards the local community are integral to our company’s identity. Recognizing that a business affects and is affected by the environment and by society, Albatros Spa & Resort Hotel promotes recycling by implementing ecological policies in its operations, and by training our staff and executives.

Equal opportunities, development of human resources, respect for human dignity, follow the Greek tradition and family values,  improvement of living standards, use of renewable energy sources and modern, ecological technologies are integral to the development of a healthy organization and healthy environment.

Every year, we donate to hospitals, refuge shelters and social services bed & bath linen, furniture and food supplies, moreover we support sport activities in small communities. In Albatros Spa & Resort Hotel, we firstly examine local suppliers and producers for market products, as we always prefer Cretan produced products and materials in all aspects of our operation. Furthermore, in order to minimize our environmental blueprint, we have installed reverse osmosis procedure for water cleaning, solar energy for water heating in order to minimize any environmental impact. Moreover, we aspire to promote local businesses, recommending local car rental companies to our clients, as well as restaurants and sightseeing.


To enjoy a fruitful relationship with our members

Our staff members are vital and integral to our organization’s long-term development. We strongly support the constant development of their skills and the ever-improvement of their working conditions. Giving the opportunity to our members every year to enrich their current knowledge and skills and to develop new ones in their field of specialization. Additionally, ensuring a safe and pleasant work environment are top priorities in engendering better staff performance and, consequently, improved guest experience.

Offering equal opportunities to everyone to join our team (i.e. no discrimination policy) and to evolve within it.

Finally, we are committed to ensure a healthy and safe working environment for our members, as professional excellence could only be achieved through it. To achieve that, we comply with the labor law, and we follow the instructions of the company doctor and the health & safety technician. In addition, we have developed and maintained extra health and safety requirements that includes maintenance of safe facilities, adherence to stringent standards, regular preventive safety inspections and constant training of employees on safety, prevention and avoidance of possible accidents and proper dealing with emergency situations that may jeopardize the health & safety of our people.


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