Agora mini market

Agora mini market

At the AGORA Mini Market, you can find a wide range of drinks, such as local wine, traditional spirits, different kind of juices and soft drinks. Also you can be provided with snack, sweet delicacies, a range of gluten free products, stamps, card postals , press, maps , books, beach toys and souvenirs.

Agora Mini Market  offers free grocery deliveries to hotel guests with no mark-ups on items. We offer a complimentary grocery shopping room service by simply calling 1804, your room account will be charged only the value of your purchase  .Guests can also leave their lists with hotel reception employees in the morning and return to a fully stocked refrigerator.

AGORA is located next to Euphoria Wellness Spa.

Opening hours: 10.00 am to 18.00pm , extended opening hours in summer until 22.00pm

For any need that may arise… don’t hesitate… to ask us..


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